Wednesday, October 24, 2012

MRL Paradigm 2012

I am not a fan of chess variants usually because I struggle to master the one form I know. However it was with absolute pleasure this past week that I got introduced to the MRL Paradigm concept by Lourenzo Van Niekerk. 

Don't worry about the mechanics of how for now but what Lourenzo has created is quite unique and does not introduce some sort of luck intot the game. In all the tries I have done the stronger player should always win. There is one test I have not done and will do a follow up article once I am through with it. I had a lot of fun checking out the positions and considering the possibilities.

Lourenzo launched maiden event of the MRL Paradigm last year and is determined to keep the culture by continuing with a bigger and better one this year with all the participants in the event rated over 2000. It will be held in the Primi Piazza in Century city on the 27th and 28th of October.

I would like to put the positions which will comprise the MRL paradigm chess variant and get your feedback on them and what you think?

I look forward to your feedback.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Launching online Qualifications for the TV Show

African Chess Lounge has opened the qualifier to their TV show and anyone in Africa can register to take part on under registration.

Qualification Procedure
Registration will give the participant four chances to play in a 9 round swiss game online.
The first two qualifiers will be our contestants on the live show, playing 2 Armageddon games live.

The Prizes
This is an exciting venture for us and we have quite a few legs that the competition links too.
The first leg and the biggest prize:
Weekly, we will draw a winner which will eventually make up the Final Armageddon Eight who will fight for the ultimate prize…an international tournament, all expenses paid including accommodation!

The two qualifiers will stand a chance through their efforts to win other prizes from the show sponsors. So no one walks away empty handed!

The second leg of the drive:
Online qualifiers have the fun of fighting for the following prizes too.
1st Prize R500
2nd Prize R400
3rd Prize R300
4th Prize R200
5th Prize R100

Aims of the TV Show
African Chess Lounge, as its main objective and steering, would like to create awareness and spin-off interests in the Game of Chess. Viewers will be entertained through speed chess, a fast paced production with intense fighting in the qualification rounds. Time is always a factor in chess… so expect a lot of upsets an ‘edge of your seat” moments.

The overall objective of the TV is to elevate the game of chess to the greater South African youth by using this medium to teach young children how to play the game of chess. Chess as a sport has been historically linked to the great minds in Mathematics, Analytics, Strategic thinking and much more. The inclusion of a mental sport to enhance the mathematical and numerical competencies of young minds with the technological advancements of media and communication is a natural progression for the sport. We will use the digital and communication platforms to increase awareness, reach and educate the population of South Africans who are looking toward international organisations for their guidance… we aim to bring them home and create a message of trust in abilities of fellow South Africans an in so doing, create South African Hero’s.

Donation to Youth Chess
On a developmental perspective African Chess Lounge will be injecting 20% of all registration fees towards development in Youth Chess via the various Unions under the Chessa blanket. When participants register they have a choice of Union that will benefit from this donation and support.

If this does not make you want to swap your Pawns for Kings,  go to and check it out!

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