Friday, March 1, 2013

Rhodes High- Another Success Story

In April 2012 Mr Warren Rossiter referred the Principal of Rhodes High to African Chess Lounge to get directions on how to start a chess club at the school.

We provided sets and coaching and working with Mr Maurice Lipshitz teacher in charge of Chess and Mrs Rhona Elixer the Deputy head we started with 5 students and now the Club boasts of close to 30 competing students of which one Deon Goredema has excelled to the extent of representing the Western Province in the under 16 Category.

As a result of the excitement and benefits experienced by the participants and administrators today they announced they will be embarking on a program to teach everyone at the school how to play chess. By taking the existing players who match a class themselves they will start a program where the chess players spend a session teaching everyone how to play chess!

So in one session they will have 30 people playing chess. I look forward to monitoring the results of this particular project!

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