Saturday, February 23, 2013

Turfhall Primary: Phenomenal Chess Growth

In April 2012 Turfhall hosted a tournament for Chess Trials for schools and was at the same time inspired to open it's own chess club.

After seeking assistance from Chess Western Province with the direction from Mr Abdul Barday, the teacher in charge of Chess Miss Sene Van Heerden contacted me to assist in setting up a club at the school.

This is when I understood for the first time that my new name was Uncle! This is a respective way of the cape it seems to call your elderly males.

Anywhere we started with six players at the time and it slowly grew. It's amazing to see the support the sport drew from both parents and teachers.

To date in less than 12 months we have over 30 students in the club and its continuing to grow.

I would like to congratulate Turfhall for its initiative.

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